Flower Bouquet

Flower Financials

It is difficult to start a flower farm, but it is certainly rewarding and profitable. Here is an honest discussion of flower financials. This flower farmer (Nicole Pitt at Flower Hill Farm) is fantastic at marketing, probably makes a good amount of money off of you-tube. She’s in a colder climate (hardiness zone 4b) with a shorter growing season, and away from a major population center. But ultimately she’s living the dream, the flower dream.

Flower Hill Farm

I am under the impression that the money comes easier in warmer climatic zones near major population centers. This is our first year and we are doing about a thousand a week in sales. Ultimately you have to subtract expenses…but we really haven’t spent that much. Our limitation this year is how much we planted (about a 1/4 acre) and our disorganized succession planning. We could sell a lot more if we had the flowers. (we even had some hail this year) Our farmhouse is on about 1/2 acre where the flowers are grown currently and we picked up another three acres nearby (which we will start using next year). Ohhh…we are in a 6a hardness zone .