Flower Bouquet


We have a small flower farm where our dreams are being made (about 3.5 acres). My wife is an avid flower enthusiast. Myself (the husband), I am the farm hand, and someone who is allergic to pollen. We are new to the industry and after selling off our house in the city and moving to the countryside we are loving it! Now we are fighting rabbits, arguing over the best way to do things…my wife always wins, good or bad. The farm can be fun. as I do like the chainsaw, and the tractor. I also like moving back to my roots. My wife and I grew up in the countryside and now we have returned. Flowerbouquet.net plays homage to all those who came before us and are teaching us through their videos. We are sharing the flower dream. Do visit your local flower farm and buy local. I also hope local florists spend the time to buy local too.

We started 2021 with 1/2 an acre and have just purchased another 3 acres. All monies generated in 2021 were from about a quarter of an acre which we tilled in early 2021. We will grow more flowers next year, but we should be cautious in our scaling. Maybe triple in size next year. We need to improve the way we do things. From handling pests to what we are planting. Automation is also required (e.g. seed planters and row covers).

Summary 2021 – Our first season is has ended. We have done about thousand a week in sales during the course of our first growing season, but I haven’t yet calculated expenses accurately (which are substantial, investments were made). So loosely 30K in income – 10K expenses. I did not include the2021 purchase of the tractor with tiller (1.2K JD317) or the 2021 new land purchase (55K – 3 acres agricultural).

If you have a flower farm you wish posted, please send us your information and pictures/video(s). Listings are absolutely free for flower farms. Provide us your details at admin@flowerbouquetz.com

Germiniation of Seeds Indoors
Indoor Germination

Update 2021 – We have just purchased another 3 acres. It is forested and I guess I will be using my chainsaw. Worried about cutting the roots and pulling all the stumps. Looks like the land was let go from agriculture about 20 years ago (small trees). I plan to cut down the trees in the winter/pull stumps in spring 2022.