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22 May 2021

Flower Growers You Can’t Eat The Grass

You Can’t Eat The Grass – Posted by Flower Bouquet Network

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Flower Farm Description

Serina and Ian are sharing their journey of starting a farm! Located in Kelowna, BC, Canada, the farm was begun in 2019. We grow veggies and flowers for sale on our farm and at the farmers market. Our property is only 2.5 acres, and we have to deal with the short season of being in a zone 5, but we still think the farm can become a sustainable business – if we put the work in… Our goal in sharing our experiences is to support local, sustainable, food systems. We want to help you learn how to grow your own food. Or to show you the labour that goes into the farm fresh food that farmers grow for you everyday. And to make sure, that you are thinking about how that food is grown – we don’t use pesticides, and we want to be an example that you don’t need to either. With a little bit of laughter, and a little bit of love, this farm will just keep growing!

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Flower Farm State or Province: British Columbia. Flower Farm Types : Flower Growers and Grower Florists. .

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