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15 May 2021

Flower Growers Pepperharrow Farm

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Pepperharrow Flower Farm

Flower Farm Description

Pepperharrow Farm

Adam is originally from south Louisiana and spent his childhood days playing in his backyard, the swamps of a nature preserve. He spent his young years working in a neighbor’s flower and vegetable garden every day that he could. That early exposure to the wonders of nature and gardening grew into a passion for being outdoors and growing things. Adam continued the gardening path and has been a master gardener for many years. He had the pleasure of working and learning in various restored historic gardens throughout middle Tennessee. After years of study, tending heritage gardens, and farm management, he and Jennifer finally found a little piece of land to tend to their own.

Jennifer is an Iowa native who inherited her Grandmother’s love of flowers. Jennifer is a long time gardener and floral designer. Her entire childhood was spent on her grandparent’s farm and in their garden. She would spend Iowa’s long summer days helping her grandmother sow, tend, and harvest lush garden blooms. Her grandmother was an accomplished floral designer who Jennifer enjoyed working side by side and learning from. She would help her grandmother arrange flowers and soak up knowledge as her grandmother designed for various events or competitions. Jennifer now gets to bring her grandma to her farm to see the flower legacy continue and delivers floral arrangements for her grandma to enjoy.

We both have such a love of flowers and enjoy growing them so much. We genuinely get a kick out of the joy that flowers bring people.

You’ll find our flower farm’s beautiful bouquets of flowers each Saturday.  Starting in May-October at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market and Gateway Market. You can also find us in October at the Madison County Covered Bridge Festival.

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