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15 Aug 2021

Grower Florists Foxglove Flower Farm

Foxglove Flower Farm – Posted by Flower Bouquet Network

Focglove Flower Farm

Flower Farm Description

“Farming to me is a vast, complex system of interdependence. We know so little about the beautiful mysteries of soil, bacteria-plant-fungi relationships, and everything that goes into a truly healthy agro-ecosystem. My work is to play in these mysteries to see what I can observe and influence.

We believe in natural production methods without the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO crops. I don’t think these tools are inherently evil. Abuse of these tools is harmful, and I strive to use other tools that have less potential harm. More importantly, I aim to culture a farm system that mimics the natural ecosystem to promote plant and animal biodiversity, soil health, and productivity.

Our production methods are completely transparent, and I welcome any questions, in person, or by email, about how and why I farm the way that I do.”

Foxglove Flower Farm is located in Bozeman Montana.




2111 Love Lane Bozeman, MT 59718



Flower Farm State or Province: Montana. Flower Farm Types : Grower Florists and U-Pick Farm. .

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