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21 Aug 2021

Flower Growers Flower Hill Farm

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Flower Hill Farm

Flower Farm Description

It’s Nicole from Flower Hill Farm in Boonville, New York.  This short video is a trailer for my channel so people know what to expect when they subscribe. If you already subscribe; thank you!

Welcome to Flower Hill Farm. The idea of the flower farm was born in 2019, shortly after I purchased my childhood home. It had been out of the family for two decades and after finally being able to call it home again, I knew I wanted to do something magical with the land that came it. Flower Hill Farm was born.  My father built this house in 1989. We spent many years as a family here, before ultimately selling it in the late 90s. For 20 years I drove by and whispered to myself that I would someday call it home again. As if I willed it to happen, in 2016 word spread that the current owner was about ready to relocate, closer to his family. As I sit here on my porch typing this, it still feels surreal. It was a two year process, but I am finally home again.

Flower Hill Farm is intended to provide local flowers to florists and the public. We have been building our flower farm with the intention of providing sustainable flowers for both personal and business use! We offer a Flower CSA and many specials throughout the growing season.

The Farm is Private (Please Respect)
Boonville, New York 13309

Contact Us

Website: https://www.flowerhillfarmny.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flowerhillfarmny/

Flower Farm State or Province: New York. Flower Farm Types : Flower Growers and Grower Florists. .

Contact Us

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