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15 May 2021

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Floret Flower Farm

Much of my childhood was spent at my great-grandparents’ country home, and from an early age, under their influence, I felt a deep sense of connection to nature. From then on I dreamed of living in the country, where we’d grow our own vegetables, raise chickens, and plant a small orchard. So in 2001, my family and I left the hustle of city life in Seattle and moved to a small farm in Washington’s Skagit Valley to pursue a slower, simpler, more intentional lifestyle that would help us connect with nature every day. Shortly after we arrived, a generous neighbor brought over his tractor to till a plot of ground so I could finally have the garden of my dreams.

Tucked among the many vegetables in that first garden was a double row of sweet peas, planted in memory of my great-grandmother, who had recently passed away. Grammy called me her “little flower girl” when I was a young child, and I was tasked with making bouquets for her bedside table during my annual summer visits. Though my creations were simple, she always cooed over them as if they were the most precious things on Earth. So when the first sweet peas bloomed in my garden, I felt as if Grammy were there with me, cheering me on in my new endeavor.

Our garden overflowed that first season, and I shared the bounty with family, friends, and new neighbors. Soon, word got out about our abundant plot, and people I didn’t yet know began asking if they could order our flowers. I had never intended to sell flowers, but I loved gifting them and sharing their beauty. When I delivered my first paid order—a simple jar of sweet peas—I nervously thrust the bouquet into the customer’s hands as soon as she opened her door. For a moment, time slowed as she buried her nose in the blooms. Tears filled her eyes, and she said that the fragrance transported her back in time to happy childhood summers in her grandmother’s garden. Seeing how a small bouquet of flowers had the power to stir such emotion and connect two perfect strangers, in a matter of seconds, was a turning point for me. I knew then and there that I had found my calling, and I wanted to devote my life to making other people’s lives more beautiful with flowers.

Erin also has a fantastic book.   “A Year in Flowers”.

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