Flower Bouquet

2021 Season

The 2021 season has been hot 30﮿C/85﮿F and wet in the North East where our farm is located. Can’t remember a summer this damp. The rain comes and goes and the humidity has been through the roof. My back is covered in sweat when I work outside for just a few minutes. We’ve had problems with critters, and fungus/mold this year. The rain hasn’t been a constant drenching thing and hasn’t turned our fields to mud, but just more of a constant dampness with high humidity and intermittent rain/drizzle .

On reflecting on the season and looking at area stats for temperature…the temperature has been stable since the 1800’s (based on local averages), it is just the dampness this year. Usually we get rain in the spring, then basically nothing until the fall. Scorched lawns are the norm during this period. Not this year (2021). Guess we don’t have to water. 😀

Dampness in the soil 2021 on the farm road